Sarah Lister: Blog en-us (C) Lady Loon Photography (Sarah Lister) Thu, 18 Feb 2016 18:14:00 GMT Thu, 18 Feb 2016 18:14:00 GMT Sarah Lister: Blog 120 120 Why a campaign for Breastfeeding? Breastfeeding is a sensitive topic, or so I've come to notice. When I had my first baby, there was no question in my mind. People asked me if I was going to do it, and it seemed like such an obvious answer. I was going to breastfeed. "Breast is best" and all that. But it isn't so obvious for everyone.

I am part of an online community, and a women shared that she had decided not to breastfeed. Apparently because of this decision, she was labeled as "selfish" and a "bad mother." That is the worst thing I've heard all week. I personally believe that breastmilk is the best for a baby, however I don't know what that mother is going through, I don't know her life or why she chose what she did. My personal opinion does not give me the right to judge another human being.

This campaign isn't about "Breast is Best." It's not about shaming anyone into breastfeeding (seriously, some women aren't able to produce milk AND THAT'S OK). This is the opposite. This campaign is an effort to normalise breastfeeding in PUBLIC. It's about edjucating the general population about breastfeeding. To tell the general population that bottles aren't the only and acceptable option for public spaces.

Through media - whether that's commercials, tv shows, movies, etc - when babies are involved, bottles are always there. Bottles are normal to the general population. Breasts are normal too, but for an entirely different reason. And this is the point.

The actual God-given purpose of the breast is to feed babies. Period. It is not disgusting. It isn't obscene. It's as God and nature intended. And, honestly, you'll see more boob in an underwear commercial than you will when a woman breastfeeds in a cafe.


So, as a mother, if you choose to bottle feed from the get-go, I will support you. If you are struggling with breastfeeding for any reason, I want to help - there are services available to give you support. If you decide it isn't working for you, that's YOUR choice. But if you're a bystander in a restaurant and see a woman breastfeeding, you have NO RIGHT to tell her it's disgusting, that she should go somewhere else, that she's obscene. She isn't shoving her ways in your face, she is feeding her baby and trying to get out of the house for perhaps the first time in weeks. Just leave her alone... or better yet, tell her she's amazing - she may need to hear it.


Thank you to Natasha and baby for volunteering for this campaign. Poor baby was a bit grizzly during the session and it turned out she wasn't well. I got a message in the afternoon that she ended up with a fever. Prayers for this beautiful little one. I had a nice time anyway, and thank you for the tea. :)

Bubbles! :D


If you'd like more information, or would like to get involved in Breastfeeding Campaign UK, check out the facebook page:

You can also email me, and I can point you in the right direction.

If you'd like your own breastfeeding session, check out my pricing page and send me an email for more information! Talk to you soon!

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Newborn Lifestyle Session brought to you by Squishy Babies Remember her?

She had her baby!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

When I announced my participation with Breastfeeding Campaign UK, this lovely mum volunteered to participate once her little girl was born.

So, we connected and I was lucky enough to visit them and snap some photos of this beautiful girl, her mummy, daddy, and big sister.

Such a sweet family.

Even though I originally went over for the breastfeeding session, but I just couldn't help myself! They let me cuddle and rock this sweet baby to sleep. I could've spent the whole day with them.

Maybe they wouldn't have noticed if I snuck out with her...

You're right... they would've noticed. I guess I'll have to be happy with borrowing and cuddling.

That'll do for now.


"Not now... I'm eating."

Nana and Papa showed up while I was there. ^_^

Geeze, I'm getting broody.

And the whole time I was there, this little one was running around. Things definitely needed to be on her terms. That family photo was the only one that came out! Ha! But she did smile for me a bit and she showed her love to her baby sister in her own adorable way...



So, despite it being extra grizzly outside; despite me getting a little lost on my way (still early though! *phew!*); it was truly a lovely time with friends and I can't wait for my next cuddle with baby. <3 <3 <3


The Breastfeeding Campaign UK's mission is to normalise breastfeeding in public. I'll be doing another post on that in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out! If you'd like to get involved, feel free to email me and I can point you in the right direction. 


If you're in need of family photos, I have a 40% off deal going for any session booked in March! Get in quick. Spots are limited!

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Breastfeeding in public... what's the problem? This blog post will be sans photos... but the topic is important. You'll get more photos next week. :)


I have breastfed both of my kids up to the point where we mutually decided we were done. I'm still breastfeeding #2 when she wakes in the middle of the night... she's 15 months old. When they were younger and I would need to breastfeed out in public, I never had any trouble doing it. I personally never received negative responses to it. Although the few times I asked if there was somewhere I could feed my baby, they would look a bit lost. One person pointed me in the direction of the toilets (UGH!!). Another person in a large shopping outlet responded apologetically that there wasn't anywhere... but as I walked out to the car, there were chairs and tables at the front of the store. Honestly, I just needed a chair to sit in for a bit.


But, I was lucky. There are woman who have received dirty looks, insults, and even asked to leave the premises of a cafe. They have been confined to toilets, the corners of restaurants, and their cars. I will say this now, and I will say it again to anyone who asks: Mothers should NEVER feel ashamed to feed their babies regardless of location. And you will see more boob in the ad on the side of a bus than you will from a nursing baby.


In the past few weeks I have joined a group photographers all over the UK in the "Breastfeeding Campaign UK." The goal of this campaign is to normalise public breastfeeding across the UK. Although these negative situations are in the minority, they still exist and that is a huge problem. Breastfeeding can be a struggle and if the mother doesn't have support it can be even harder.


Over this next month, I'll be doing Breastfeeding sessions. These images are going to be used to make posters to display in cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. to raise awareness. If you would like to get involved, join up on the facebook page and/or send me an email for more information. If you're a business owner anywhere in the UK and would like a poster to display your support, let us know! If you're a breastfeeding mum and want to get involved, join the facebook group and join the conversation. There might be a photographer in your area that is currently looking for breastfeeding mums to participate. Please, help us spread the word and join the campaign to normalise public breastfeeding.

Here's a recent press release about the campaign and how it started:


Watch this space. I'll be sharing photos from my upcoming sessions and more information on how the campaign is doing.


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My Long-haired Model, Charles Lister This is my very talented brother-in-law, Charles Lister.


This gentleman is an amazing illustrator/character designer and I think more people should know about him. Aside from illustrating for work, he's also looking into modelling.

I mean, those cheek bones!

We decided to snap a few shots while we were visiting the family in cowboy-land, Santa Ynez. It was another quick session with a unique (and beautiful!) setting. I think we were both pretty happy with the outcome.

So if you're in California and in need of a model, contact the man himself.

If you're in London and looking for some portraits done, whether you're a model, actor, family, or just a human being, shoot me an email. Let's chat.


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Have a good one!

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C&J's Engagement Session Guys, this is so cool. My life-long friend, Cody, got engaged this last year and I am so excited for him. He was one of those people that I honestly believed would never get married. It just didn't seem like something he would want to do.

But then he started dating Jenni...

From what I could glean from half-way across the world, they fit. And when they had been together for awhile, I thought to myself, "huh... maybe I should get to know this girl. From the few things I've seen of her, she seems pretty cool."

Jenni and I started commenting on each other's posts on Facebook. I don't remember when, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that Jenni and I got on amazingly well. Her humour, her geekiness, her hobbies.... and the banter that we have enjoyed and the emotional support provided by Facebook stickers... we clicked too. It made me really sad that we don't live closer. And if they hadn't worked out, I'm not sure who I would've chosen. (kidding!!....or am I?...)

Funny thing is, Jenni and I met in-person for the first time during this session. The first thing she said to me?....

"You're so tiny!"

...which is fair...

This is me standing on my assistant so that I could get a better shot. Cody and Jenni are both tall people.
I need to add a step-stool to my kit. (Thanks Jesse!)

But enough about that. You're here for these two adorable people.


So, yes. I am thrilled beyond belief that these two are getting hitched. I can't wait to watch them walk down the aisle together next year (come hell or high water, I'll be there!). Cody is one of the nicest and funniest guys I know and he managed to convince a beautiful and exceedingly intellegent woman that she should spend the rest of her life with him. I'm not sure how, but he did. And it makes my heart happy.





Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away! If you'd like a romantic portrait session for you and your significant-other, drop me a line and we can discuss. No obligation to book.


I'm currently running a contest over on my Facebook page. VERY EXCITING. Go Like and Share the post at the top of my Timeline for a chance at a free engagement session (which can be gifted!)

Stay classy, friends.




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A Family of Artists To be an artist is to pull from within your soul, bearing your heart to those around, to hope to make a difference. That difference could be on a personal level or global. In either case, artists that do not listen to their heart, who do not create, are the saddest of creatures. I know this by experience. The saddest point in my life was when I was not creating in some fashion. (I'm happier now :))

I am in LOVE with this couch!!

Meet Sana. I've know her my entire life. Her medium is music. However, on top of that, I would say that her medium is her life (just because it's cheesey, doesn't make it any less true). Her home is a beautiful assortment of family keepsakes, ecclectic decor, and the atmosphere is one that anyone could be at their ease. When you enter her front door, you become family.

She hired me for a family session for her daughter. Things didn't go as planned, so we had the session at her house with her and her sons. Again, things didn't go as planned and only one son was able to make it. But as artists we are flexible and work with what we're given. Sana was given her son's friends that day, so she included them.

During our consultation, she said she wanted everyone to "come as they are." She didn't want anyone dressing up if that wasn't how they normally dressed.

Sana also had a very old family photo. She told me about the people in it, their history, where they ended up, how they were all related. She had a vision of having a similar style for their family photo.

I loved the idea.

This little building is in her back garden ("yard" for the USA readers ;)). There were a lot of neat little spaces and, had we not been rained out, we would've gotten more shots. Ce la vie! We got the ones she wanted most, and that's what counted.

Although it was a quick session and although it didn't go as planned, I got to catch up with old friends and shoot some pretty fun photos.

Thanks, Sana, for bringing me out to take some portraits and to chat. I look forward to next time when I'm in California! You and your family, keep being amazing.


I have a new offer! Send me an email to schedule your session!


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let's have a little chat. Would you like a cuppa? That always makes my heart happy...

We're just a few weeks away from Christmas and then the New Year. It's a time of thanksgiving, love, family, and reflection. We are currently in California visiting with our own family and taking some much needed R&R. I DO have a couple sessions while I'm out here, which I'm very much looking forward to. However, I won't be able to share these with you until I return home in the New Year.

Speaking of the new year, if you send me an email NOW, before the 1st, you can receive 20% off any session. Did I mention this before? Perhaps I did... I digress...

What I really want to say is THANK YOU to all my clients from this past year. You've all been lovely and I had a wonderful time working with every last one of you. I love my work, and you make it possible for me to do what I love. This is an amazing gift, so thank you.


I won't be updating my blog until I return in January. I know, but please try to contain your disappointment. Instead, look forward in anticipation to the photos, the words, the stories. Let the excitment swirl around in your tummy like butterflies at a rave...... with glow sticks. Sounds like fun.



Here's to 2016! Let's make it amazing.


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Two Cuties - Portraits Inside on a Wintery Day

Some kids are quiet, happily observing the world, taking everything in and going at their own pace. Others are full of personality, know exactly what they want, and live their life accordingly. L is definitely the latter. I've been blessed to know this family for a couple years now and I've watched L turn into a fun little lady.

She found her voice and a full vocabulary very young, which was probably the most adorable thing EVAR.

Due to unique circumstances, my two littles joined us for this session. They all know each other, so that made things easier. While I was shooting photos of J (L's little brother), she and my lil' boy went upstairs to play.

At some point, we wanted to try to take a couple photos of the two of them together. We made a plan and called her downstairs...

Mum, "L-! Come on downstairs!"

She asked why, we continued to call her, and she finally came out and sat at the top of the stairs, looking at us through the banister, "Okay, what is it?"

(We were obviously interrupting something very important. Blocks won't stack themselves, after all.)

Me, "We want to take some pictures of you and James. Want to come down?"

L, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" and she runs back upstairs.

Oops... Sitting next to her little brother isn't her favourite thing, I guess.


Through some bribery incentives, we were able to coerce her downstairs for some photos. However, cooperation didn't last very long. We all have those days, don't we? We'll have to attempt another day to get that photo of the two of them.


All in all, it was a lovely afternoon of playing referee to toddlers tea, sneaky brownies for the adults, and fun photography.  :)

Thank you, my friends, for inviting me to take photos of your beautiful children while mine ran around and stole L's toys. I look forward to next time!


Right now, I'm running a 2016 Special! Send me an email before the new year to receive 20% off any package, to be claimed any time in 2016!

So, if you would like to spend an afternoon with me and come out of it with beautiful keepsakes of you and your family (or just you!), just shoot me an email for more details. I look forward to hearing from you!



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Photography Sessions for 2016 - 20% off! I'm all booked up through December, but I'm happy to announce a promotion I'm running through to the end of the year!


20% Off Sessions

This is how it works:

1) Email me! Even if I don't respond right away, if your message is in my inbox before 1/1/2016, you will qualify for this deal! Even if you're not 100% sure you'll use it, email me anyway!

Email in the Inbox = Qualify. Awesome.

2) I will respond to you ASAP (I will be travelling during December, so please bear with me. I will respond as soon as I'm able) and we can schedule your session for ANY time in 2016! Easter family portraits? Baby turning One? Christmas Card photos needing to be taken? Book it now!

3) Which ever package you pick, you will receive 20% off of it! Check out my pricing page for what my packages include.

4) And the rest is gravy. We'll talk, confirm, plan, etc. etc. etc., and then have our session. I will continue to work with you, providing the best possible customer service that I can.


And that's it. Hope to hear from you soon! :)



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Early Morning Maternity Session Long socks, boots, leggings, jeans, T-shirt, hoodie, winter coat, arm-warmers, scarf, hat, and hand warmers. I may be forgetting something...

Yes, it was freezing that Sunday morning. Yes, I layered to a ridiculous degree.

It's true. I hate the cold.

Ok, "hate" may be a strong word. We'll go with: I strongly dislike it. My husband even wrote into his wedding vow that he'd keep me warm. Isn't that sweet?

I do enjoy wearing hats and scarves (YAY SCARVES!). I really enjoy a hot cup of tea and a warm blanket while watching a storm blow outside my window. And who doesn't love a crackling fire? mmmmmmm....

But this session wasn't about the weather, it just happens to be an on-going character in our story. It was about this lovely lady and her lovely bump.

For a few weeks we battled against rain and our calendars, rescheduling time and again. Finally, on the last possible date we were both available, it was clear and beautiful! Yes, it was the coldest day of the season thus far, but it wasn't raining! Hooray!

I was concerned she was uncomfortable (I was still in my many layers). However, she insisted her embarassment was keeping her warm! Ironically her embarassment was making her more comfortable. ha!

But, really, she had nothing to be embarassed about. She was a star, a joy to work with, and made my job easy.


J, you're a beautiful woman, inside and out. It was so fun to work with you! Congratluations on your growing family and I can't wait to meet the little one. ^_^ Thank you for being such a good sport.


If you would like your own beautiful keepsakes, or gift a session to someone you know, just shoot me an email for more details. I look forward to hearing from you!




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The G-Family Portrait Session Autumn's changing colours, cosy coats and and the occasional chilly breeze - these are a few of my favourite things! I met up with this charming family at the beautiful Isabella Plantation.

Lil' Buddy (2y) was sleeping when they arrived, so Dad took him on a drive to a different (and legal) parking lot. Mum, Lil' Lady (4y), and I walked through the park to meet them on the otherside. She was shy at first, but after some peek-a-boo with the pinwheels, we were best buddies.


This one makes me laugh way too hard not to share. (Technically an outtake.) I could tell we were going to have a good time.




We got to the otherside and Lil' Buddy had woken up! It took a little while for him to finish waking up, but then cue lots of running around, playing in leaves, and hide-and-seek! Giggles were not in short supply.






I call this one "The Call to Action."



With half-time smoothies and the promise of chocolate, they did really well.

The kids were good, too.  ;)





The light failed us too soon, and we made our way back to the parking lot. We all had a lovely afternoon and we were able to get some choice shots for them to enjoy for a life time.


Until next week, friends! :)



If you would like to spend an afternoon with me and come out of it with beautiful keepsakes of you and your family (or just you!), just shoot me an email for more details. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Head-swaps and Background Replacement for Family Portraits One of my goals as a photographer is to provide the best possible images for my clients within my abilities. One of the ways I do this is by using my skills in photoshop. I've been using it for over 10 years and happily confess my love and addiction to the program.

As is the case with young children, trying to get the perfect decent photo is very difficult. Even though I'm constantly snapping shots, more often than not I need to do at least one head-swap. Also, with shooting in public places in busy-town London, there are people EVERYWHERE. This was the case in a recent shoot I did for L and her boys.

For this session, there were a few shots that needed some post-work. BUT I'll be going showng you just one image, seen below. I'll share why I did what I did and try to explain briefly how I did it. Time to look behind the curtain...

I started with these two images...


I love Mum's expression in this one (shot A). The kids were engaged in what was going on and there's the anticipation of jumping. But poor Lil' Buddy has got his eyes closed and there are people in the background (BG). This makes the composition muddy. Oh dear. :(

In this one(shot B), Mum is in-between expressions and, although Lil' Dude on the right is having a blast, I much prefer his pose in shot A - he's visually clearer, the silhouette is more appealing, and he's actively looking at Mum.

On the plus side, Lil' Buddy looks great here, looking up at Mum. With this image, I'll also be able to make the bridge look empty. Fabulous! Time to combine them!

I started off with shot A as my base image. I then copied over Lil' Buddy's head from shot B. The reason I swapped over just his head, rather than his whole body was due to his relation with mum. His body was lower down in shot B, as was Mum's position. Because I wanted to use Mum's pose and expression from shot A, using her arm and hand from shot B would be near impossible. Therefore, I figured I would be much more successful with simply copying over his head.

There's just a slight problem; his original head was still visible in the picture.

To remove the double head, I did some cloning (it's a photoshop tool) of shot A's BG, mixed with adding elements from shot's B BG.

And then there's those guys on the bridge. They needed to be removed. I used the same method of copying over the BG from shot B, cleaning it up with masking, and then cloning where necessary.

By choosing the preferred expressions, I'm left with an image where mum and buddy are looking at each other. By removing the people from the BG, the family becomes the only subjects, leaving us with a visually cleaner image.

And that's that. :)


If you would be interested in a more detailed tutorial, please let me know in the comments!

If you would like to spend a morning or afternoon with me, and come out of it with beautiful keepsakes of you and your family (or just you!), just shoot me an email for more details. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Button's First Birthday Cake Smash! Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Button. She was turning one and everyone was excited. I arranged a small, informal gathering for Monday afternoon.

I also did the adorable thing and attempted to bake and decorate the cake myself.

Button is skeptical of my abilities. Thanks, kid.


I had the intention of baking the cake the night before, giving me plenty of time in the morning to decorate it. I had never decorated a cake before, so I wanted to make sure I had time to do it right.

As life goes with two little children, as well as the day being our Wedding Anniversary, it's safe to say that it the cake wasn't baked that night. My intentions shifted to doing it in the morning. I intended to start early - especially because Mount Dishes needed to be conquered.

All these intentions were hit head-on with road blocks. The boy needed to use the potty. The birthday girl refused to nap. Dishes took twice as long. Many other dull yet time-consuming things happened. I finally started getting the ingrediants together (T-Minus 2 hours) and I realised I'm almost out of sugar. *I hope I have enough!* ....just barely....

T-minus 1.5 hours. If I'd been able to get it in the oven right then, there was a slim chance I could've made it on time.

But then, the crushing blow....

WE'RE OUT OF MILK?!?!! I literally yelled, "Emergancy!!" at my husband. So I dropped everything and ran out to the store. I'd lose about 20 minutes in the shop-run. With this knowledge, and knowing the amount of baking-time needed, compounded with the fact that I had never decorated a cake before, I picked up a Victoria Sponge at the store.

By the time I got home, I only had an hour left before we needed to leave. I didn't feel defeated. (Ok, I felt a little defeated.) I saved the batter for my original cake to bake later and moved on to make the frosting and decorate the store-bought victoria sponge.

We were still late to the party, but everyone else was too. The day was beautiful, if a little chilly. Friends had a good time running around in the leaves, playing with bubbles, and eating yummy snacks.

The kiddos also tried to straighten one of the trees. LOL!


Overall, it was sucessful, despite my crazy, stressful, and anxiety-filled morning.


Me and my baby - Photo by Tedward. <3


Happy birthday, Button. :)



If you would like to have a cake-smashing portrait session for your little one, just shoot me an email for more details. I look forward to hearing from you!


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The Story of L and Her Boys, A Portrait Session Here's the scene...

A beautiful afternoon in Barnes. Fall leaves scattered the ground. Sunlight streamed through the trees. There was an antique market around the nearby pond, and a lot of families about.



I met up with L and her two little boys - 2 and 4 - outside a cafe. We were armed with footballs and bubbles. They were armed with tantrums and a mild cold. The battle was at hand.



I want to say it was brutal. I want to say it was epic. I would even like to say that blood, sweat and tears were involved...



But our time was filled with giggles, conkers, and bubbles. There were some unavoidable tears, but ice cream does help with those.




.... and (I confess) I was a bit sweaty by the end of it. :X







Thank you for inviting me to photograph your lovely little family, L. I would love the opportunity to do it again in the future. :)


If you would like to spend an afternoon with me and come out of it with beautiful keepsakes of you and your family (or just you!), just shoot me an email for more details. I look forward to hearing from you!

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End-of-Summer Portrait Session Deal! Christmas is just around the corner. The summer is slowly coming to an end. Autumn is at the end of the road and the kids are going to head back to school. Time moves on and we all grow and change, including the kids! (How dare they do that! I put Little Girl down for a nap, and I swear she grew a couple inches in just one hour!)

So, now is the time to get that family portrait finally done for the Christmas card! Now is the time to have a lovely picnic in the summer sun (when it's out!). Now is the time before the cold rolls in and we're all bundled up inside.

I'm offering 40% off of all portrait sessions through September! On top of that, if you contact me in September for a session in October, you'll still get the discount! How awesome is that?


Contact me now to find out more about my sessions and to book your own! Can't wait to hear from you!


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J & K Newborn Shoot I had the privilage of spending an afternoon with this beautiful family last January.

S was a little upset whenever we tried to fuss with him (but we all know that crying photos of newborns are SO adorable!)

Why are you doing this?!

Even with S's personal issues (which, let's face it, we all have sometimes), we were all very happy with the outcome of this session.

J & K were so pleasant. We had a good time and it was very relaxed that even Dad had a nap....

....but, naturally, he wasn't the only one....




It was a lovely afternoon of cuddles and tea and a lovely little and new family.


If your interested in having a similar style of shoot, email me and we can chat about it. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time! xxx

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Pricing is UP! PHEW! Well that took some time to iron out. But, YES!, my Pricing section is now up and it's all very exciting. Please take a look and book your session TODAY! Tell your friends! Make some noise! Wear a silly hat! (That last thing is optional, but recommended.)


Come ooon. Silly hats = Adventure. True story.


I'm also currently working on some additional sessions that I'm very excited about. Keep an eye out as I continue to update and grow this corner of the interwebs. There will be opportunities to get in on some early deals as I work towards building my portfolio in different areas (SPOILER ALERT! One of those areas in Birth Photography). The low prices will not last!

I'm also working towards a mailing list so that you can keep up with my happenings. For the time being, you can hop over to Facebook and "Like" my photography page.

Until next time.....*insert witty sign-off*

]]> (Sarah Lister) Portraits Pricing Tue, 28 Jul 2015 22:31:35 GMT
The Future Starts Now! My future starts now, and I hope you will join me on this venture.

The launch of this blog marks a big day. The day that I am making big steps in my business. ~This business.~

I will be working hard on this blog, to create posts that are interesting to read. I'm working towards exciting new packages for my clients (you!), offering new services that will hopefully be things you've never seen before! I aim to increase the quality of my gear and therefore increase the quality of images available to you. And my plan is to do this while being transparent with my prices and goals. Yes, I aim to make money doing this, as it will help to sustain my family and increase our quality of life. BUT I also aim to give something special to you, my clients.

- I want to provide keepsakes of a time that passes too quickly. Beautiful images, showing the spirit of your family. The personality behind your smiles. I want to show YOU in my photos.

- I want to provide the best customer service that you've had in terms of photography. I am here for YOU. I will work with YOU. YOU are what makes this job fun for me and what makes it important.

- I want us both to have fun during this whole process. I'd hate for it to turn out awkward and uncomfortable. Let's just relax and take some photos together.


My pricing currently is not up for sessions, as I am revamping my whole process. If you are interested in contacting me for a portrait session, whether newborn, family, or otherwise, please don't hesistate to email me. There is no obligation to book a session.  I will get back to you within 24.

My nature photos are still available as prints,  which will be shipped directly to you. These prices will be changing soon, so get them while you can!


Yes. Exciting times here at Sarah Lister Photography. Keep a weather-eye out. Fun times will be had. :)


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