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A Family of Artists

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To be an artist is to pull from within your soul, bearing your heart to those around, to hope to make a difference. That difference could be on a personal level or global. In either case, artists that do not listen to their heart, who do not create, are the saddest of creatures. I know this by experience. The saddest point in my life was when I was not creating in some fashion. (I'm happier now :))

I am in LOVE with this couch!!

Meet Sana. I've know her my entire life. Her medium is music. However, on top of that, I would say that her medium is her life (just because it's cheesey, doesn't make it any less true). Her home is a beautiful assortment of family keepsakes, ecclectic decor, and the atmosphere is one that anyone could be at their ease. When you enter her front door, you become family.

She hired me for a family session for her daughter. Things didn't go as planned, so we had the session at her house with her and her sons. Again, things didn't go as planned and only one son was able to make it. But as artists we are flexible and work with what we're given. Sana was given her son's friends that day, so she included them.

During our consultation, she said she wanted everyone to "come as they are." She didn't want anyone dressing up if that wasn't how they normally dressed.

Sana also had a very old family photo. She told me about the people in it, their history, where they ended up, how they were all related. She had a vision of having a similar style for their family photo.

I loved the idea.

This little building is in her back garden ("yard" for the USA readers ;)). There were a lot of neat little spaces and, had we not been rained out, we would've gotten more shots. Ce la vie! We got the ones she wanted most, and that's what counted.

Although it was a quick session and although it didn't go as planned, I got to catch up with old friends and shoot some pretty fun photos.

Thanks, Sana, for bringing me out to take some portraits and to chat. I look forward to next time when I'm in California! You and your family, keep being amazing.


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