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C&J's Engagement Session

January 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Guys, this is so cool. My life-long friend, Cody, got engaged this last year and I am so excited for him. He was one of those people that I honestly believed would never get married. It just didn't seem like something he would want to do.

But then he started dating Jenni...

From what I could glean from half-way across the world, they fit. And when they had been together for awhile, I thought to myself, "huh... maybe I should get to know this girl. From the few things I've seen of her, she seems pretty cool."

Jenni and I started commenting on each other's posts on Facebook. I don't remember when, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that Jenni and I got on amazingly well. Her humour, her geekiness, her hobbies.... and the banter that we have enjoyed and the emotional support provided by Facebook stickers... we clicked too. It made me really sad that we don't live closer. And if they hadn't worked out, I'm not sure who I would've chosen. (kidding!!....or am I?...)

Funny thing is, Jenni and I met in-person for the first time during this session. The first thing she said to me?....

"You're so tiny!"

...which is fair...

This is me standing on my assistant so that I could get a better shot. Cody and Jenni are both tall people.
I need to add a step-stool to my kit. (Thanks Jesse!)

But enough about that. You're here for these two adorable people.


So, yes. I am thrilled beyond belief that these two are getting hitched. I can't wait to watch them walk down the aisle together next year (come hell or high water, I'll be there!). Cody is one of the nicest and funniest guys I know and he managed to convince a beautiful and exceedingly intellegent woman that she should spend the rest of her life with him. I'm not sure how, but he did. And it makes my heart happy.





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